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Sensioty: your Industry 4.0 Booster

Enter the Industry 4.0 Era:
data driven, in Cloud, Cloud Ibrido and on-Prem.

Senseioty accelerates and

Turn big data into actions

Unify operational data and digest relevant actions and facts to improve connected equipment efficiency, operational capacity and customer satisfaction.

Connect machines, processes and people

With an intuitive interface and rapid, highly-focused functionalities, detect potential threats, hidden costs and inefficiencies.

Instant interoperability, a few clicks away

Scalable and ready to go, it provides Industrial IoT and edge intelligence for your connected assets, machinery and production shopfloor to manage the complete lifecycle of all the moving parts of your production process.

A new asset in your value chain

Reinvent your processes and evolve your business model, creating new value for customers, suppliers, partners and stakeholders. Secure and digitize the operational knowledge to execute with tactical coordination and precision.

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Contact us to plan a demo: we’ll put together a plan, including a full proof of concept, to get Senseioty integrated with your operational systems..



    From data to insights,
    driving value

    Digitize step by step

    Discover how to execute an effective technology roadmap for your digital transformation and the positive impacts on your business.

    2 Hour

    We perform an initial digital estate assessment and we identify the most impactful Senseioty features for your specific digital transformation path. 

    1 Week

    Digital Twin
    We listen to you carefully and use Domain-Driven Design to understand your process and design its digital twin.

    6/10 Week

    First Iteration
    We start from a high-impact use case to make a difference in your operational process, and build an application to produce measurable outcomes.

    3/6 Month

    Integration and Scale-up
    We release a final solution and optimize models elaborating initial feedback and results. We integrate your ICT enterprise systems such as MES, CRM, CMS and SCADA.


    What is your Digital Strategy?
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    Industrial and production processes are our passion, especially when our customer combines them with digital technology to increase business value.