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Digital technologies for grid and energy management

The Energy and Utilities sector needs digital technologies to improve grid assets management and to involve end customers in energy-efficiency initiatives.

Utilities can leverage AI and Industrial IoT to boost their operational efficiency and increase competitive edge; enabling accurate forecasting, benchmarking, and engaging end-users in demand-response optimizations to meet utilities’ and customers’ energy-efficiency goals.


In recent years, we’ve witnessed an increasing involvement of Utilities in the Smart City initiative: governments’ policies and EU programs foster the adoption of digital technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase the use of renewable energy, or improve energy efficiency.

As city populations grow, the demand for services and pressure on energy resources will increase. This demand puts a strain on energy and any other services that would be essential to a city’s prosperity and sustainability. Digital transformation is key to achieve an interoperable and resilient smart city ecosystem.


enseioty applications in the energy sector are many: predicting and analyzing asset failures across generation, transmission, and distribution systems; enabling accurate forecasting; building optimization and demand-response analysis.

Digital technologies are applied to integrate different aspects of the energy sector to analyze streaming data across IoT (Internet of Things) sensors, SCADA, building and asset management systems and micro-grids.

Senseioty creates a common data model for disparate energy management data sources and through artificial intelligence, Big Data Analytics and Industrial IoT digital technology, provides a comprehensive framework to make energy expenditure values visible, suggest demand-response optimizations, and help customers secure energy-efficiency goals.

We work in the Energy sector in different countries: Ireland, Italy and Spain

FlairBit is involved in several projects with international partners in the energy efficiency and smart-grid domain. Our skills, artificial intelligence models and IoT services help the digital transformation of generation, transmission and distribution energy systems.

International and Regional EU Energy Projects
We are active in many energy-efficiency projects both at regional and international level, co-financed by the European Commission (H2020 program), Regione Liguria and the Italian Economic Development Ministry (MISE), confirming the innovation and value of our digital solutions.

FlairBit provides advanced analytics and applications for energy management (EMS, Energy Management System) and Decision Support System (DSS) to monitor online energy consumption and production data.

DR, Demand Response
Demand response (DR) allows commercial and industrial consumers to modulate their energy consumption and offer energy production surplus to the market. Demand response meets peaks in electricity supply and demand, enabling greater flexibility and grid stability.

Building energy efficiency
Industrial IoT can be applied to digitize heterogeneous building types, including heritage and public buildings, through a replicable hardware strategy. Collected data is used to generate automated, dynamic and continuous energy performance assessments derived from the monitoring of the energy consumption patterns.

EPBD, ECO Design, SRI, Energy Labeling
Energy management Digital Twin and Artificial Intelligence models work together on generation and consumption data to provide accurate forecasting, building optimization and demand-response to meet energy-efficiency goals and incorporate existing EU energy regulations (EPBD, ECO Design, SRI, and Energy Labeling).


“Our partnership with FlairBit is strategic to the success of our project: FlairBit industrial IoT and machine learning skills allow us to catch essential information in order to meet energy efficiency goals. What we are seeing is the perfect match of different digital technologies for Energy Management: automated data ingestion, robust data semantics, Artificial Intelligence, Internet and Mobile”

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