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The pharmaceutical industry certainly sees one of the most significant changes from state-of-the-art and pervasive digital technologies: both production processes and electromedical equipment provider will benefit from the transformative power of IoT and AI.


In an industry as highly regulated as pharma, being able to digitize production processes can significantly increase regulatory compliance efficiency. The ability to automatically collect and analyze operational data, generating actionable insights, can speed up production processes, improve quality and identify significant cost savings.

Data-centric digital transformation can increase the availability of high-quality information about clinics, patients, medical records on disease outbreaks, demographics, and new drugs statistics to foster the creation of interdisciplinary life-saving technology.


Senseioty guarantees the 24/7 availability of connected medical equipment, improving the medical services that rely on it.

Senseioty collects digitalized data to certify regulatory compliance in pharmaceutical production sites (such as sanitization and bio-decontamination procedures) or to guarantee that connected electromedical equipment operates as expected, providing comprehensive diagnostics and preventing asset failures. Automated data analytics workflows and high-quality quantitative data generate precise prescriptions to meet regulatory, safety and quality standards, or to optimize instrumentation calibration.

Our 4 best Life Science & Healthcare practices

Automate data collection from electromedical equipment, anonymize and pre-process collected data and put data to work, generating insights to better monitor machine health and identify failures’ root causes.

Locate and communicate with the assets, monitoring their operations to reduce unplanned downtime. In case of failures, generate a complete asset status report to identify and correct the issue.

Enable paperless workflows for service activities, effectively plan maintenance execution, provide accurate knowledge bases and effectively plan spare parts and consumables orders, leveraging the asset’s digital Bill of Material.

Detect non original spare-part utilization and other asset misuse that could compromise efficiency and accuracy thanks to online data analysis and anomaly detection.


“Senseioty allows us to perform predictive maintenance on our medical devices. We are able to plan service and maintenance execution with our customers and optimize spare parts supply”
Senior Operation Lead



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