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Digital transformation as competitive advantage

With Senseioty, we help machinery and equipment manufacturers embrace digital transformation; Senseioty is the catalyst for Industry 4.0 transition, integrating existing IT solutions with emerging technologies and accelerating a sustainable digital strategy based on data.


Machinery and equipment manufacturers ask for a deeper understanding of their operational process and connected products’ lifecycle – based on data, online analytics and intelligence – to provide a quantitative basis for decision-making, reduce risks and costs, and boost operational efficiency.

Digital transformation re-imagines processes, through the use of technology such as cloud computing, advanced connectivity, mobile and artificial intelligence: the digitization of assets and production processes improves the experience of employees, customers, suppliers and partners.

The benefits are many: reduce inefficiencies, catch relevant insights, optimize service and maintenance costs, identify misuses and frauds, trace assets lifecycle, improve asset reliability, minimize unplanned outages and downtime, simplify regulatory compliance reporting.


Machinery and equipment involved in the production process constitute the result of many years of investment and research, and deserve to be observed and monitored during their whole lifecycle. Senseioty collects, stores and analyzes the story of connected equipment: it builds the asset’s digital twin to create relevant information about its operations, improving engineering and service activities.

Our 5 Machinery Best Practices

Enable enhanced and effective human-machine interactions, monitoring and simplifying the proper use of the connected asset: right after the end-of-line, Senseioty configures the assets and provides them with advanced connectivity, to accompany connected equipment from the first use.

Support installation experts during the installation phase, prompting the operator to dutifully follow set-up instructions along with all start-up and commissioning procedures; create a digital installation certificate to enable warranty.

Collect, store and analyze the story of each connected asset, providing intelligence and insights based on collected data. Senseioty traces the whole asset lifecycle and generates periodic reports on its health status; our platform provides aggregated reports with relevant information about operational process.

Generate data snapshots for the entire machine state, organize maintenance and service operations and minimize unplanned outages and downtime. In case of a failure, Senseioty provides the engineering team with the complete machine state and suggests the possible root causes of malfunctioning based on collected timeseries.

Help operators during service and maintenance activities with a focused digital knowledge base and online documentation, providing precise indications about maintenance operations: thanks to the Asset Registry, it is possible to keep track of the asset history, from its end-of-line to the latest service operation.


“We chose Senseioty to identify fraud, better organize maintenance activities, and reduce malfunctioning and outages on the production line. Our greatest surprise has been to see how a sophisticated technology could be effortlessly integrated with our existing infrastructure, providing comprehensible and intuitive results”

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Digital Industry: best practices to improve operational efficiency

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