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Smart Factory: improve production yield and quality

The digital transformation of production process is a strategic investment in the evolution of the Smart Factory.


Improve production yield and quality, and lowering operating costs, are the primary goals of smart manufacturing in the fourth industrial revolution. Combine suppliers and materials, processes, and equipment data to create insightful reports for a better decision-making, driving operational efficiency. Operational intelligence reduces uneven throughput, production loss and output variability, and optimizes overall equipment effectiveness and yield.


Senseioty has been designed to drive shopfloor operational efficiency, providing more than 300 Artificial Intelligence models and Industrial Internet of Things services.

Senseioty defines the Cyber Physical Systems that digitize suppliers, materials, processes and machinery to maximize yield, reduce raw material spend, scrap and rework costs, and provide the final integration of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) systems to monitor supplier performance, reduce inventory costs, and meet energy-efficiency goals.

Senseioty provides a unified and real-time view of production processes to measure and continuously assess the manufacturing process and make the difference in terms of competitive edge and business efficiency.

Our 5 best Manufacturing and Shopfloor practices

Digitize production process: rapidly integrate data from enterprise systems, operational sources, sensor networks, and external providers to define the production digital twin and share it with engineers, analysts and managers.

Drive operational efficiency: improve Overall Equipment effectiveness (OEE), reducing uneven production throughput, production loss and output variability and optimizing overall yield. Detect potential anomalies or deviations earlier in the process improving first-pass yield, reducing raw material and energy usage, scrap or rework costs and unplanned downtime.

Maximize production yield of the rework process: starting from non-conformity parameters, Senseioty identifies the best rework procedure to obtain a conformance batch. This reduces non-value-added rework costs, production line usage time and raw material usage.

Information and Operational technology integration: Senseioty integrates operational data through standard protocols such as OPC UA, as well as ERP and ICT enterprise systems to create a comprehensive view of inventory, supply networks and bill of material to optimize inventory stock, supplier performances and costs.

Aggregate operational data into a federated image of multiple production sites: Senseioty analyzes data coming from multiple factories to extend and consolidate with a common data model.


“Starting from a huge data volume, Senseioty generates relevant information: it filters out the noise and provides us with the insights for a better decision-making”
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Digital Industry: best practices to improve operational efficiency

How to improve operations through IoT and AI? Discover Senseioty use cases in different sectors: Machinery & Equipment, Life Science & Healthcare, Safety & Security, Manufacturing & Shopfloor, Energy.

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