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Safety requires control

Industry 4.0 innovation brings digital tools and resources that improve worker safety by improving asset reliability in critical workplaces and processes. Digital twins of workplace facilities, real-time location services and the interaction of virtual and physical space can be used to mitigate risks and to better coordinate emergency operations.


Digital technology contributes to workplace health and safety, enabling real-time tracking of personnel and improving machinery and facility resources’ reliability. Through continuous monitoring and data processing, it is possible to identify anomalies and provide timely suggestions and indications to address unexpected conditions and mitigate potential risks.


Senseioty connects the physical and the digital world to create the digital twin of workplace environments, construction and building site areas, mining sites, and critical infrastructures to track staff movements with the aid of wearable devices and smart PPE, control digital signage to ensure no recipient fails to see, hear or understand alerts — particularly when every second matters in an event of emergency or evacuation.

Senseioty can control and configure digital signage and industrial panels to share safety instructions clearly and instantly, provide statistics and information about critical areas occupancy, and monitor the location of staff and visitors.

Senseioty can also control smart locks to regulate access to critical resources and assets in different application domains such as communications, power utilities and service providers, and transportation.

Our 3 best Safety and Security practices

Leverage different communication channels to share safety instructions clearly and instantly through digital signage, industrial panels, mobile, and smart PPE. The overall workplace environment status is constantly monitored in the control room and relevant information can be shared with  staff and personnel.

Manage smart locks and cryptographic keys along with key rotation policies. Keep track of key configuration and usage in Senseioty Operations Log in order to monitor and detect improper configurations, disable specific keys or identify anomalous key usage.

Manage real-time-location services (RTLS) based on GPS, mobile cell info and indoor positioning technologies such as UWB location sensors. Tracking can be performed in real-time or can be used to produce occupancy statistics.


“The digital twin of our system as implemented by FlairBit allows us to easily access critical information remotely: it proved to be an essential tool to monitor and configure our smart locks and dynamically configure and enforce access control policies”

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