We believe in technology and simplicity as keys to Digital Transformation

FlairBit Manifesto


Digital Transformation practitioners

At FlairBit we see digital transformation as a journey: from data digitization and through operational intelligence generation, we focus on production processes and we try to make them ready to integrate with emerging digital technologies to drive incremental value and efficiency.

We put production process first,  listen to you, and prioritize the most important information for your needs.

We provide tailored solutions for the digital industry, simplifying your operational and production processes, delivering business agility and new growth opportunities


Senseioty. Simply digital

Thanks to experience built during the last fifteen years, we conceived and created Senseioty, a platform to accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises and successfully execute a digital strategy.

Senseioty communicates with the process

We integrate industrial processes and operations with assets, machinery and people.

Collects data and creates intelligence

To improve operational efficiency and production capacity. We understand where the non-value-adding costs sneak into the process, connect customers and equipment with sales and service teams, reduce downtimes and costly non-compliant operations.


Production and operational processes are our passion

Especially when our customers want to apply digital technologies to reimagine their company and create new opportunities.

Simple and clear

Succeeding in a project requires us to take responsibility for each activity we do: our solutions are reliable, simple and produce clear outcomes.

Concrete, high-quality, dependable

These are the qualities we want to deliver to our customers to achieve sustainable and continuous growth: we work day by day to embed those values at the heart of our company culture.

Stronger Together

We focus together on data that matters

We turn high volume digital data into intelligence, and sometimes we are able to predict the future for your assets: it’s not quite magic, but state-of-the-art technology gets us pretty close.

Operational and information technology convergence

We make digitized operational information readily accessible, improving efficiency, business agility and driving lasting value.


Simplify production processes and operations

Our philosophy is to deliver clear, iterative and measurable results to successfully execute the customer’s digital strategy. Thanks to more than fifteen years of experience with digital technologies, we identify the best innovative techniques and practices that can mark a difference across the whole value chain of your business.

Digital transformation as a means for growth

Fear not the change: we believe in the digital revolution as a way to create sustainable growth opportunities for businesses and society.

Data is not enough

Data is the problem to solve. Policies and practices promoting granular, real-time data access at every relevant levels and nodal points of the business process is key to drive successful digital transformation. Data quality, visibility and transparency can drive informed decisions and perform effective analysis to improve operational efficiency.


We help our customers along the path of Digital Transformation: we make it simple to integrate new data sources and guarantee transparency and visibility to create powerful and meaningful analytics.

We listen to you and provide the intelligence you need to transform your business, making it more resilient and flexible.

Operational excellence

With the Senseioty platform, we help you to build operational excellence through AI and IoT:

  • We identify what data sources are the best predictors for your process and use them to minimize operational risk and costly unexpected situations
  • We enable new business models based on high-quality data
  • We improve your competitive edge, making your business more resilient and agile
Tailored actions and immediate benefits

We listen to you and fine-tune Senseioty’s capabilities based on your specific needs. We start delivering immediate and measurable results, targeting long-term benefits and lasting value.


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Industrial and production processes are our passion, especially when our customer combines them with digital technology to increase business value.