Drive value from Data


Accelerate the Fourth
Industrial Revolution

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is radically changing how companies design, produce and operate. The transformative power of digital and emerging technologies generates continuous shockwaves of disruption, and a solid digital strategy is needed to take hold of the latest booming technologies: AI, Internet of Things, Big-Data, Mobile and the Hybrid Cloud.


Senseioty unlocks your data potential

Industry 4.0, with the adoption of industrial IoT, edge computing, Big-Data and online Artificial Intelligence, delivers operational excellence. Senseioty integrates operational and information technologies to transform data into intelligence, reducing costs, enabling new business models and revenue streams and improving the experience of employees and customers.

Simply under control

We delivered and offer more than 300 battle-tested APIs and AI models for operational data analysis and intelligent reports generation. Streaming data is continuously transformed into insights to detect anomalies, potential fraud and underperforming operations. Insights, reports and notifications are readily available through multiple channels: web, mobile and all integrated enterprise IT systems.

Senseioty accelerates and

Data Ingestion

Scalability, reliability, security and high availability are the fundamental requirements to secure high-quality data from different IoT sources.

Digital Twins

Every physical and digital data source is modelled through a digital twin to automate data ingestion, digitize the behavior of the underlying system and build multiple data-centric applications and workflows.

Data Storage & Distribution

Data becomes an actionable and strategic resource, securely organized in your Big-Data vault. Senseioty protects it all with configurable access policies and ensures quality and clarity.

Distributed Data Analytics

Senseioty APIs enable new applications development and self-service data analytics: deep learning models, microservices and emerging technology can easily connect operational data to drive long-term value for your organization.

Data Visualization

Access insights and indications through PC, industrial dashboards, tablets and mobile to access operational insights in real-time. Senseioty provides different communication protocols, integration drivers and services to distribute, mobilize and visualize information and data.

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Discover how Senseioty can increase your operational efficiency

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    Tailored to your operational process


    One data lake to integrate operational and information technologies of the enterprise

    We control. You use

    Put your data to work with Senseioty, and we handle the rest: infrastructure, maintenance and availability

    Technical Support

    Drop us a line with email support, or just pick up the phone: you always know how to get in touch

    Why Senseioty

    Just what you need
    We provide only the tech that you need: you can start small, with a few digital services and integrations to provide authentication of users and devices, manage connected assets and start processing digitized operational data, and proceed with incremental upgrades on the go.

    Maximum flexibility and scalability
    We operate with extraordinary efficiency to leverage any possible advantage from modern cloud architectures in terms of elasticity, speed and availability: get additional features online in a matter of clicks.

    Automated Data Processing
    Data autonomously find its way to the cloud and the analytics workflows, thanks to several IoT connectors such as OPC UA, MQTT, CoAP, SNMP, Bluetooth and more. You can also integrate your custom or legacy protocols leveraging Senseioty building blocks.

    Real-time Insights
    Data is expressed in an open and non-proprietary format, securely stored in a guarded and scalable Big-Data lake and conveyed to a data stream processing engine: models and analytics workflows continuously generate intelligent insights to drive decisions and take informed actions.


    Senseioty provides

    and much more